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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Hope you get your fill of corned beef and potatoes today! Work on BattleQuest was slowed due to the flu last month but everything is back on track. Creating content and testing is going slower than anticipated (there are only two of us) but it is moving along steadily. The story has been finalized and we're building the last few dungeons and writing loads of text (tips, speech, items, etc). With some luck we'll be done sooner than later. At this moment I would expect release to be sometime in April. No promises though!

General Play vs. General Sickness

The past week progress has slowed because all of us here at General Play came down with a nasty case of the flu. We should be fully recovered and back at work (hopefully) within the next couple of days! Check out some screen shots featuring some of our new creature types!


BattleQuest RPG BQRPG Screenshot

BattleQuest RPG BQRPG Screenshot

New Footage for the New Year

Here is roughly the first half hour of BattleQuest RPG's gameplay, all the battle sequences have been sped up greatly to condense time.


Happy Holidays from General Play!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season! More info will be released on BattleQuest RPG in the coming weeks!

BattleQuest RPG YouTube Videos

As we are getting closer to the release of our epic title, BattleQuest RPG, we have some brand spankin new videos to help whet your appetite!

Check out a gameplay montage! Everyone loves a montage!

A full battle from beginning to end!

Here's the character creation and a couple quick glances at the world map!